Comic 14 - And he has so many virtues.

26th Oct 2011, 4:36 PM in First Contact
And he has so many virtues.
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Brady Kjersten 26th Oct 2011, 4:36 PM edit delete
Hurray for a new page! It would have taken less than a week, but my internet was down, so I had to use the library for any reference pictures. The end result was pretty good. What do you folks think?


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New Fan 28th Oct 2011, 5:53 PM edit delete reply
Hello! I just happened to find your comic via a link from a friend, and I want to say, you're doing some great stuff here! You don't seem to get many comments, probably because you don't yet have many visitors, but hang in there. The writing is VERY clever, the concepts ("Men in Plaid") and characters (skeptical Barry and overly gullible Ed, not to mention the interesting aliens) are engaging, and over all it's very entertaining and funny!

I love the little wry touches, like "Ordinary Van" and "Ordinary Briefcase" as well as the good action you are scripting (such as the way Barry keeps on packing up his gear while ignoring the alien, then finally drops it and stays frozen in shock when he finally turns around and sees him). Your art will get better with time and practice. Meanwhile this has some great things going for it that can only come from YOU, and I hope you'll keep on keeping on.

I also appreciate that you are not making the confrontation scenes gross or overly gory. That's a mistake many comic authors seem to make (perhaps in a misguided attempt to "wow" the readers?), and it can alienate (no pun intended, but hey, I'll let it stand) the sort of readership that a clever writer like you can attract.

Here's wishing you many years of happy writing and comic-making. :)
New Fan 28th Oct 2011, 6:19 PM edit delete reply
Oops! Since I made that comment as an unregistered guest, I can't edit it. But now I'm registered, and can wield the powers of editing from this point forward.

I can see that your artwork has significantly improved since you started drawing the comic. So what I really meant to say (rather than "get better" with time and practice) is that your art will *continue to improve* with time and practice.

Another nice element you are using in this comic (there are so many, but I'll mention this one) is the way Barry is so deadpan in his manner and delivery. The visual of him talking on the phone while the alien holds him up is a great way to underscore his overall attitude.

Keep up the good work!
Brady Kjersten 29th Oct 2011, 4:33 PM edit delete reply
Thanks, new fan. And no I don't get many readers yet. I don't mind that because I know I haven't done any advertising. That will change when I'm less busy.
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